Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2/09 Could We Be Any Lamer?


My obsessions ATM:
Starbucks - Chi Tea
Gum - No Gum. Just Lifesaver Mints!
Brand - Ralph Lauren
Song - Natalies Rap
Hair - pony tail, curly curly curly
Motto - None today.

A good deed is never lost: he who sows courtesy reaps friendship; and he who plants kindness gathers love.

So I am just annoyed today. Anymore it feels like nobody wants to tell me anything. Why am I always the one to be exiled? So the quote I picked represents me right now because even though I feel like disconnected from everyone that doesn't mean I should stop being nice and doing good things for everyone.

Okay so yesterday our class t-shirts came in. Gah. okay so let me backtrack a step. okay so I am like class prez or whatever no big deal its not that great anyways. So i said lets make the shirts yellow. But was I listened to no no and no. So now the shirts are this gastly neon blue and its just wrong. All wrong. So now everyone is blaming me when it wasn't even my idea. Then there is a quote on the back, "We are all a song but all still a part of music." ew could we get anymore lame? Well whatever its not even my problem.

Blah Blah Blah so anyways I am sick right now so I must go and rest


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