Monday, March 30, 2009

And Now We Begin [3/30/09]


My obsessions ATM:
Starbucks - Java Chip Frapp.
Gum- Orbit Wintergreen
Brand - Lily Pulitizer
Song - "Alright" by Supergrass
Boy - LOL no
Hair - ponytail, just flat ironed
Motto - Yes We Can.

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
-Mary Kay Ash

Okay so how random is it for me to start my blog with a quote? Well you better get use to it because I am going to start every post with a quote. So I picked this quote because today was the beginning of our last quarter which means that summer is a blissful 2 months away. "Blissful" yeah right! The next two months are going to chaos. With final chapters, tests, getting all homework in and the dreaded FINAL EXAMS! So I am just trying to just focus on my school work and get good grades then worry about being social during summer. So I picked the quote because it is simply saying that you can do it if you believe so that is what I am doing.

So my life at a glance:

Birthday-December 7th.
School-All girl private Catholic.

Color-Pink, Mint Green, White, Yellow, Tiffany Blue
Animal-Dog, Mouse, Flamingo, Eagle
Brand: Kate Spade, Ella Moss, Ralph Lauren, BDBG, Forever 21
Movie: Zoolander, 16 Candles, The Sure Thing, Catty Shack
Season: Summer
Place: Florida, Martha's Vineyard
Food: Candy, Coffee, Pasta, Cookies
Sport: Golf, Tennis
Rolemodels: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Selena Gomez, Rebecca Bloomwood

So now it is time for me to bid you adieu!

Au' Revoir!